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I'm back again.
The LCS R OG, born in 1991.
I am expressing more than a trend,
I symbolize the spirit of the 90'.

In 1991 we launched this innovation with the R800 and R1000 models. Innovative cushioning, based on the transfer of energy absorbed in the heel to the forefoot, creating ideal running dynamics. In short, high technology, renovated today for the street, the dance floor, or the edge of the field with our two models of legends: the R1000 and the R800.

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LCS R1000

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LCS R800

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LCS R - Kids

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LCS R800 L'As du Fallafel

A collaboration that has taste


LCS R800 Solary

Modernity of esport


LCS R1000 Ventile®

Waterproof and breathable